I’m John Deck.

I spent over twenty-five years in hi-tech.

A friend working on a graduate degree in finance asked what my analysis would do with stock data.

As an engineering major in the 1970’s I did numerical and data analysis on scientific data.

So I ran some stock data experiments using numerical analysis.

The results were enlightening, and they became the basis for market research I have done ever since.

Now, my analyses on the stock market has never been published, only shared privately.

But it has been extremely successful.

For example, I used the analysis to run a successful option arbitrage program for three years in the early 1990s for a high net worth client.

In the early 2000s, my analysis warned the markets were topping, so I liquidated my hi-tech stocks from company options and ESOP.

That proved to be a smart move, as one company stock lost over 90% of its value within a year.

In 2007, my analysis flashed warning signs again, so I advised some private parties that the bull market looked to be topping.

The result – those who took my advice avoided much of the carnage that ensued into 2009.

But later in 2009, my analysis signaled there was a good chance the market had bottomed – which as we all know was exactly what happened.

Then in 2016 – when many stock “experts” were saying the market was topping – my analysis indicated we were in for a long drawn out correction.

It also showed institutional investors were buying into the market again.

Once again I was right on the money.

What about 2019? More of the same.

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